1. Accounting Services

Singapore registered companies must keep proper books of accounts as stipulated by the Singapore Companies Act. We provide accounting services that include:

  1. Provision of bookkeeping services

  2. Maintenance of full set of accounting records

  3. Preparation of financial statements that meet Singapore Financial Reporting Standards

  4. Management reporting and analysis

We assist clients in the implementation and set up of the following cloud-based software solutions:

(A) Quickbook Online (QBO)

Quickbook Online enables you to do invoicing, bookkeeping, purchasing all in one place.


Authorised Advisor for Quickbooks Online, Cloud-Based Accounting Solution

Why Quickbooks Online? 

Please refer to the Quickbook Online Website for more details: Quickbooks Online Website

Key features of Quickbook Online:


DASHBOD is an integrated Accounting, Human Resources and related regulatory compliance solutions, developed by Association of Small and Medium Enterprises with support from Enterprise Singapore, ACRA and IRAS. Businesses that are on growth phase and require the integration of accounting, human resource and regulatory compliance functions to drive efficiency and productivity can consider DASHBOD.

2. Corporate Secretarial Services

One of the Singapore director’s role and responsibilities as required under the Singapore Companies Act is to ensure proper maintenance of the Company’s records and to observe statutory compliance at all times. The following are the corporate secretarial services that we provide:

  1. Formation of legal entity

  2. Appointment as company secretary

  3. Appointment as corporate secretarial agent

  4. Execute proceedings of meetings and corporate steps to ensure statutory compliance

  5. Preparation and maintenance of Statutory Records and Index of Members

  6. Filing of annual return