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Payroll Outsourcing Service

We offer a full range of scalable payroll and HR Management solutions to your company. Our dedicated team of specialists are capable of providing expert consultation and support on HR & payroll matters whenever you need.

The user-friendly human resource information system (HRIS) integrates leave application with payroll calculation. The monthly payroll file is uploaded electronically to the bank where salary is credited automatically to each employee’s account.

By outsourcing your payroll and HR administration to us, your team is able to focus on optimizing workforce efficiency & productivity rather than managing existing HR operations. Services include:

  • Maintaining payroll file for each employee

  • Calculating of salary based on monthly or bi-monthly basis.

  • Processing gross to net salary and MOM-compliant CPF, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA or ECF contributions

  • Processing bonuses or/and any ad-hoc payments

  • Processing no pay leave

  • Generating MOM-approved itemized payslips

  • Providing detailed payroll report for management’s review

  • Preparing and submission of ad-hoc statutory claims such as NS Men, maternity, childcare, IR21 and other related forms.

HR Support, Advice and Solutions

Your structure enables your strategy.  We develop HR Strategies and Operating Agendas aligned to and enabling the delivery of your business strategies and objectives. Through review, development and implementation of HR related policies and procedures to ensure legislative compliance and business strategy alignment.

To drive overall organisational performance and align strategic and tactical planning, the frameworks need to be integrated across the HR life cycle, from Recruitment, Performance Management, Strategic Workforce Planning, Learning & Development, to Succession Planning and lastly, Compensation & Benefits. We understand the employee life cycle and we are here to support you with our comprehensive HR services. The employee life cycle includes:

We develop and implement resourcing and retention strategies to optimise resourcing requirements and reduce costs to your business. Design and implementation of strategies to support business growth including career progression, succession planning, coaching and mentoring.

We will design and implement business restructures – enabling growth, downsizing and/or strategic alignment. We can develop project plans and processes to support and facilitate structural redesign, recruitment of new roles and position redesign, and design retention strategies to ensure engagement through significant change.

Strategic HR Review

Conducting a strategic HR Review will enable an organization to obtain a clear and objective view of the current state of their Human Resources function. The primary objective of such an initiative would be to work towards building a HR infrastructure and processes that will enable the organization to achieve its business goals.

The depth of this review can vary from a high-level evaluation to an in-depth examination of each sub-area:

Compensation & Benefits – A strategic, well-structured and balanced Compensation & Benefits program takes into account a myriad of tangible and intangible rewards, benefits and opportunities that an employee is provided with in return for his contribution to the firm. As a core element in the employer-employee relationship, recognizing and developing employees helps to keep them motivated and productive. Ultimately, this provides the foundation for an organization to remain competitive in today’s workforce, driving future growth and ensuring organizational sustainability.

Performance Management and Talent Management – By integrating all the sub-areas of HR and building clear expectations around goals and objectives, one can build a high performance culture that taps on the strengths that diversity brings, such as a multigenerational and culturally diverse workforce. Identifying specific skills and talent you need today, and in the future.

You may either be facing an increasingly talent-scarce environment or sifting through hundreds of unsuitable CVs. You can gain a significant advantage over your competitors if your organization is able to understand its existing talent situation through these methods:

  • Understanding the talent market better within your business sector.

  • Applying and understanding talent metrics.

  • Identifying and rectifying talent gaps within your company.

  • Developing a comprehensive workforce strategy to maximise your talent base

Competency Frameworks Review & Development – Competency Frameworks should be reviewed to ensure future-oriented competencies are captured as roles evolve. As new job families are created, development of robust Competency Frameworks ensure recruitment requirements are accurately identified, leading to strong role fit and most importantly, high performance.

Change Management – We can provide advice and implementation of all aspects of M&A from due diligence, project planning, communication, employee and union engagement/negotiation, selection/transfer strategies and development of retention programs.

Employee Engagement – We can help you enhance your employee engagement leading to reduced attrition and improved productivity. Our approach has shown significant improvement in overall employee engagement, survey results and participation. We deliver this through the development of targeted strategies and programs. A recent study by the Corporate Leadership Council showed that motivated, engaged employees are 31% more productive, achieved 37 % more sales and are 87% less likely to quit.

We design and implement employee centric community programs, providing employees with the opportunity to participate and contribute whilst enhancing employee engagement.

Coaching and Mentoring – We specialise in one-on-one confidential, executive and leadership coaching. Often, we provide coaching services as part of a broader and ongoing leadership development programme within large and medium-sized organisations. We can also provide individual coaching to help those looking to increase their skills in a specific area, change careers or prepare to win that next big job. Engagements have been at Director/General Manager level and below and have focused on extremely broad ranging objectives from career direction, to job search resulting from redundancy.

Business coaching continues to grow in popularity with employers and their employees, with coaching being a key development strategy used to enhance skills, knowledge and performance around specific skills and targeted goals.

Learning & Development

We integrate L&D into your long and short-term strategy and drive sustainable motivation and engagement of differentiated talent groups.

We provide comprehensive training programmes to suit your needs. Programmes can be customised and some include the following areas:

Personal Mastery

  • Communication – Spoken

  • Communication – Written

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Negotiation

  • Personal Effectiveness & Productivity

  • Time management

Leadership Development

  • Diversity Management

  • Talent Development

  • Talent Management

  • Team Development

Business Alignment

  • Customer Service

  • Finance & Legal

  • Management Function

  • Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Sales

Organisation Alignment

  • Change Management

  • Strategy Execution

  • Strategy Formulation

  • Diversity Management

Our immersive experiences build Team Cultures That Value Collaboration. Connect With Us! Adventure Team Building. Experiential. Outdoor/Indoor. Fun Activities including using art as team bonding exercise:

Others – HR Focus

  • HR courses

  • HR for non HR

  • Employment Act and its practical implementation

  • HR Analytics

  • Developing effective HR policies and procedures

  • Essential skills for HR managers

  • Finance for HR

  • Handling grievances, discipline and termination

  • Managing change and employee performance

  • Handling difficult employees

  • Behavioural and competency based interviewing skills